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You realize that you have to lose weight because your pants don’t fit anymore or because your doctor said you have to for your health.  You don’t have to be ...

5 Causes of Back Pain and Solutions

5 Common Causes of Back Pain and Simple Solutions Your back hurts? You know someone who suffers from back pain? Back problems are very common, so lets review some common causes of ...

Back Problems – Solutions for Back Pain

You have back problems and suffer from back pain? I have been there and totally understand you. You can feel better and I want to help you.   You do NOT have to ...


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Don’t Let Your Back Hold YOU Back

Don’t Let Your Back Hold YOU Back… Decide & Take Action Now What ...

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Welcome Video – Founder’s Message

Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody

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Healthy Eating Meal Plan

What’s for Dinner?  What am I going to cook?  Do you have a Healthy Eating Meal Plan? Something that I’m working on myself for my family is getting organized when it comes to having a Healthy Eating Meal Plan.  It is so much easier to cook when I already have it planned out for the […]

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What is Chronic Pain?

Suffering from back pain is real. Back problems are real and affect many.  But how do I know if I have chronic pain? What is Chronic Pain? Many believe that excruciating pain is chronic pain.  Reality is that chronic pain is determined by the length of time you have suffered from pain.  According to Mayo […]

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How Can I Lose Weight?

I have lost over 50 lbs!  Now you’re probably wondering: How Can I Lose Weight?  How can I maintain the weight loss?  How did you do it?   I used to suffer from major back problems and headaches.  The specialist told me very calmly, “losing weight will help alleviate your back pain, so go ahead […]

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Healthy Living for the Family

Healthy Living for the Family is Important   We influence those around us by our words and also by our actions.  We have an impact on the little ones in our lives, our children, nieces or nephews.  They tend to be like us, consciously and unconsciously.  So why not strive to be a positive influence? […]

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10 FACTS About Back Problems

Back Problems are steadily increasing and Awareness helps us understand this problem The majority of us have suffered from back pain at one point or another. Some of us try to take care of it right away by seeking help or making small changes in our lifestyles when we recognize the problem.  Unfortunately, some of […]

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